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Presented @ New Mexico Geographic Information Council (NMGIC) Meeting

November 01, 2019

🌵The NMGIC Fall conference theme was Programming and App Development. My talk was titled Visualizing Open Data: Serverless single page web app development using Mapbox, Netlify, React and TypeScript.


I developed this web app specifically for the meeting, and my goals were:

  1. Something geospatial related and complex enough to be interesting
  2. Visualize Open Data
  3. Simple enough that it could be explained in 30 minutes

I recalled a past FOSS4G conference I attended, when a presenter from a big company made the dubious claim that conference attendees do not want to learn anything, they just want to have a good laugh! With that in mind I added three slides to this talk that are breaks for “Internet Humor” aka Gifs and Jokes. 🥳

Please view the presentation slides to learn more.


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